Magical Realist’s Day Off

There might be a book review posted tonight–or not. I’ve got a great book, but haven’t finished it yet.

I’ve spent the last couple of days with an extremely stiff, sore neck, thanks to my lack of studio ergonomics as well as my atrociously bad work habits. I did get a lot done this week, but yesterday was a complete wash. And while I’m delighted with the intense surge of creativity I’m currently enjoying, it does have one big downside–I can’t sleep worth a damn. My body stops for the day, but my brain doesn’t; it just keeps chattering away. So I’ve been sleeping badly or not at all, and yesterday was my day to do nothing but sleep and try to get myself un-kinked.

Today I’m off on an excursion with my mom. She had a melanoma scare last week, so we’re going to hang out and celebrate negative biopsy results. It’ll also get me out of the house and give me another day of not sitting hunched over art projects, dismissing my growing discomfort. (“Yeah, yeah, just let me finish this and I’ll get up/move around/stretch.” And then three hours later, when I’m done…dude, I am done in. Note to self: That’s gotta stop.)

So: back this evening, maybe with pictures of something interesting.